Pricing & Services

Here's a list of pre configured & more custom servers. The can give you an idea of how much you're gonna have to pay your server.


All of these services are hosted at my own house (except if you choose the option 5) which means: No redundant power or internet (guaranteed uptime above 90%) or backups. If anything happens with my infra, it might take hours to weeks to get everything back.

Pre configured servers

Name Description CPUs RAM Storage Slots Price
Lite A small server to begin. Shared (8 Cores pool) 4 GB Shared (200GB pool) 20 3.99 € /mo
Ease What to have fun on! Shared (8 Cores pool) 6 GB Shared (200GB pool) 50 5.99 € /mo
Extreme A big boi server, recommended for communities. Shared (8 Cores pool) 12 GB Shared (200GB pool) 100 9.99 € /mo

Custom servers

Name Description RAM Proxy ? Max servers Slots Starts at
Iron A small server to begin building your empire. 12 GB No 1 200 12 € /mo
Gold Something to begin the serious stuff 16 GB Yes 2 (+proxy) 200 16 € /mo
Diamond A big boi server, recommended for content creators & big communities. 20 GB Yes 3 (+proxy) 250 20 € /mo
Emerald The biggest offer. Includes options [1, 3] and a 50% cut on option [5] 24 GB Yes 5 (+proxy) 250 30 € /mo

Options (can be added to almost any offer)

ID Name Description Payment Price
1 Custom subdomain A custom (whatyouwant).itsrems.[eu/com] subdomain Monthly 1€
2 Custom domain A custom domain [.eu/.com/etc] for your server Yearly 15€
3 Website hosting A custom website for your server, based on a CMS. Requires one of the following options: [1, 2] Monthly 1€
4 Infrastructure configuration Configuration of your servers, including the proxy, any game server, etc. If need for a premium plugin, purchase it before. Onetime 12€
5 Cloud hosting Your server gets hosted on the cloud instead of my HomeLab, making it way more reliable Monthly 10€