Ordering a service

Making contact

For your order to take place, we'll first need to have a chat. If this is a setback for you because you're scared, don't worry: I'll be nice and pro (or friendly if that's more your thing) and 100% honest. If however you "don't like how it works" then I'm sorry but we won't be agreeing on anything. In the chat we'll have we'll get to know each other a bit (but not too much, just enough so I know how to contact you, you know how to get help, etc) but we'll also talk about which offer could be best for your usage (I'm super honest with that, if you only need the smaller plan I won't tell you to buy the big one to make money) and also the options that might suit.

Billing & Payments

As soon as we agree on the server, I'll start setting things up. If needed, you can have up to ~24 hours of testing before purchasing.
Under this small line is the more "serious" part with the procedure etc.

These services are offered from an individual to another: I'm not a company. This means that the money you send me is just like giving money to a friend while he gives you something back: art, software, text, etc.

All the payments are to be made for 1st of the month via PayPal (or else if you can't use PayPal) (to avoid money an everyday money chase on my end) and are grouped: all of your services and options are paid at that one time every 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

Since the due date of all services is on the 1st, the billing procedure is a bit tricky. If you order your server before the 15th of the month, you'll be paying the day you order and the 1st of the next month. This does not interfere with the expiration date: for example, if you order your server to 10th March and don't pay the 1st April, your server will still be online until the 10th of April. However if you order your server, let's say, the 26th of April (which is after the 15th of the month), you won't need to pay until the 1st of May, and your server will have an expiration date first set to the 1st of the month. This means, yes, that 4 days of your server will be on me. But please, don't abuse this system :)

You're in!

Welcome aboard! Let's see how things will go from now on:

  • First, you'll get an admin panel access.
  • If you have the Infrastructure configuration option, I'll start working on the setup of your server and will get back to you as soon as it is done.
  • If not, you can start setting up your server on your own. The panel is pretty straight forward but if you need help with something, I'll always be one discord message away. Note that you get an FTP access but as my Internet isn't very powerful, you're only limited to 20Mbps download :(.
Once all of that is done, I'll remain available via Discord, Twitter, email, etc. to provide you with the best customer service I can.

Upgrading or stopping your service.

Not using the server anymore ? Using it too much for its specs ? No worries!
If you wish to cancel, just send me a message and stop paying me. I'll send you a permalink to a backup of your entire server, hosted on a much better server than my home one (in terms of bandwidth and storage)
If you need an upgrade, we'll chat again and choose which option suits you best. Once that's done, you'll just have to pay the new amount on the next due date and I'll upgrade your server.
If you wish to upgrade to cloud backed instance or bigger servers, more might need to be done. Also, if you need the upgrade sooner than the following month, we'll find a solution ;)

What do you do with the money ?

If you've made it down to here, thank you ! And also thanks for reading the answer to this question.
'See, I'm not a huge money hungry person. Not that I have a lot of it or whatever but if your question is "are you doing this for the money?" then I'm sorry but nope.
I'm doing this for practice, fun and experience.
All (or almost) of the money made from this project will go back to buying new servers to put at home, paying the electricity bill with my parents and buy stuff like the panel license, maybe a new internet, etc.
In fewer words, all of the money made is put back into this project so you can enjoy better offers, more reliability, etc.