itsRems Hosting

Custom made, home hosted or cloud backed minecraft servers for content creators, communities and pretty much anyone.


My name is Nicolas Theck, but you can call me Nico. I'm a 17 years old student, developer, streamer, server enthusiast and more.

The hosting services

I provide servers for pretty much anyone starting at very low pricing ("from the home" offer) for basic but solid stuff up to some more expensive but then fully configured servers (communities & content creators only).

The HomeLab

I run my own "lab" at home, hosting servers & running my pretty neat network. The most recent update on this is the Hosting Note of October 2019, available below

What you can get from me

If you want to order a service, here's a list of what and how I do things.

Manual installation

While I had an automated system running in the past, I prefer good ol' manual, hand made installation of the servers.


While some stuff can be accessed outside the home network, most of things are well protected against attacks, and emergency servers in the cloud are ready to back up your server in case of a problem.


On demand, and with a small extra cost, I will configure your minecraft server. This is includes plugins (most commonly inter-version compatibility), servers, permissions, server shop & website, etc... I also know some builders who may be able to build maps for you. Carefull tho, they're not cheap! All of these are paid options and usually are one time fees. Get in touch for pricing, and don't be scared!

You have access

You get your own admin access to your server so you don't have to ask me to do everything.

Custom (sub) domain

Used to long, annoying domain names? Well, no more. For a fixed fee, get your or sub domain, or even your own, custom domain.

Customer service

I try to be as available as possible to offer fast, efficient customer support almost 24/7. Wherever I may be, I'll find a way to help you!


Here's what people say about my services :D


"When I discovered Rems, and his jawdropping prices. I was full send on the order button. I used to get my server from Nodecraft (which is a really big Corp) and they had the prices NOWHERE NEAR to the amazing prices that Rems has. His troubleshooting is amazing and I haven’t been disappointed at all in his services. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to own a minecraft server. You won’t be disappointed at all in what you are getting."

Get in touch

Make sure to check out the pricing page if you haven't done already, as it gives you an idea on the pricing.

Was that enough to convince you I'm a good host ? Well then, let's get talking! Contact me so we can start planning your next server.